Instructor Payment Overview

All Mediafits Masterclass instructors are contracted with the Nigeria-based Mediafits. Mediafits Masterclass pays instructors through Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) and Paylater. For more information on setting up your payment method, please refer to this article.

Instructor Payments Flow

  1. As an instructor, a contract is signed with Nigeria-based Edcent.

  2. The course is published on

  3. In the first month, a student purchases your course(s). Student fees are transferred to Edcent

  4. Months 1 & 2: Edcent processes refunds, etc.

  5. Month 3: Mediafits pays instructor [(total Month 1 student payments –  total refunds) x % revenue share]

  6. All payments to instructors are from Nigeria-based Edcent.

  7. As an instructor, you are free to publish as many free and paid courses as you like.  We believe in a sustainable partnership, in which instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and Edcent is rewarded for driving traffic to all our instructors.

Instructor Revenue Share

Below is a summary of common revenue share scenarios. Please note these are revenue share on Net Revenue, which is defined here:

  • Instructor Promotion: 80% revenue share on sales made by instructors where the student purchases their course using an Instructor’s coupon or course referral link (there is a 20% administrative processing fee, 25% in the territory of China and Japan)

  • Edcent Organic: 50% revenue share on organic Edcent sales where no Instructor Coupon is used. Edcent and the instructor share equally on these sales, which might occur after a user browses the Edcent marketplace for courses, or makes a purchase via a Edcent promotions


Instructors can track all incoming sales in their Revenue Report sent directly to them monthly to their mail and their Edcent account. Some of the information in the report includes the student name, the date of purchase, the revenue channel attribution and total price paid. 

Instructor Revenue Share

Once a student has purchased your course, you'll have access to the instructor revenue report, where you can track and review your course sales. In addition to an overview of your course sales, the Revenue Report includes transactional details for each enrollment, revenue by channel, and data regarding your own promotional activity.